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Gurjot Kang is a passionate multimedia journalist who uses her skills in digital creative media as a source for powerful storytelling and advocacy. Kang graduated from PLU in Tacoma, WA amid the pandemic, with two B.A degrees in Communication and Politics & Government. As part of the GZR newsroom team, she is excited to cover stories on community arts & culture programs and youth activist movements in the Seattle area. In 2019, Kang was recognized as one of 100 local change makers in Washington striving to make a difference, as part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ‘We the Future” campaign. Most recently, Kang worked on a short documentary highlighting the effects of post-9/11 hate crimes within the Sikh American community and the brave activists taking a stand, titled “A Faith Misrepresented: Sikhs in America.”


Gurjot Kang


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