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How this Artist is Channeling the Power of Faith and Alternative Futures through Music

By Sophia Kagan

Edited by Marian Mohamed

Georgi Wilbur in Sonya Kagan cuff and necklace, in Alienant lace suit. (Photo/Zach Bergen)

Growing up in an environment that shunned, embarrassed, and even bullied her, Georgi Wilbur complied and distanced herself from everyone, even her family, to survive. Despite disillusioning beginnings, Wilbur developed a beautiful worldview, channeling much of that into her persona, Bangs. Currently, Wilbur is focusing on her personal projects: her latest album and her record label BITCHOUSE. Wilbur’s goal for BITCHOUSE is to combine some of the darkest pop with synth music and DJing. 

Through BITCHOUSE, Wilbur reimagines her future with the goal of connecting and giving to others.

“We all have different experiences, but we share the same feelings”

In order to survive in her childhood, Wilbur coped with her isolating circumstance through depersonalization; where a person would detach from their body and mind. She suppressed her need to feel, resulting in her locking away her true self. Being around music at a young age allowed Wilbur one of the only avenues to connect to herself, and it saved her. Wilbur reflects on her relationships with her feelings through music. 

“It's easier for me to connect to dark emotions rather than positive emotions; it’s euphoric when I am able to tap into my unexpressed pain and anger. The positive emotions, for me, just aren’t deep enough.” said Wilbur. 

Although Wilbur finds strength in tapping into her darkness, exploring the pain can come at a cost. At one point, writing about her experience with dissociation triggered a panic attack. Wilbur emphasizes the importance of understanding what one’s limits are, especially one who is a creative empath. Artists need the grace to set a boundary between the art and themselves, and Wilbur continuously explores the balance between giving versus taking care of herself.

Despite the cautionary tale of not giving too much of yourself in one’s art, Wilbur ultimately finds her purpose in sharing with others. Her relationship with the audience is incredibly one-sided. Her ideal performance involves giving energy to the audience, with the audience resonating back with that energy. Through this connection, Wilbur is able to craft her own space with the audience that is separate from the external world. BITCHOUSE is part of her gift to others, not only focusing on giving to the audience, but giving back to the synth community.

“I allow myself to be a channel for ideas, and be electrified by them”

Rather than agonizing over appealing to her target audience, Wilbur writes solely from her perspective. Wilbur never tries to be relatable; she trusts her music to reach the right people by being honest and truthful. Her music is ultimately for those like herself, who are confident but damaged. Leading with intuition, Wilbur is able to translate herself through electronic music, a medium that is stereotyped as rigid and anti-soul.

“I choose the sounds and melody intuitively and play things by ear. I use Ableton, and learning that software isn’t a barrier to expressing myself. It’s just like learning another language, another way to express myself.” Wilbur said.

Wilbur understands what it means to be original. Wilbur considers genres of music to be the expression of the collective consciousness in art. She gravitates towards synth music as a unique expression of this consciousness.

Wilbur says, “Originality for me comes from making similar genres and styles of music, but infusing it with my personal experiences.” When exploring her memories, she leads with intuition rather than an analytic approach. Wilbur’s writing starts in her subconscious, and she opens herself to be a channel to ideas and feelings from that source.

“In an uncertain world, it’s important to have faith with intention”

Despite a troubled childhood, Wilbur clung to the magical aspects of her life as a way to move forward, and even inspire her. Wilbur grew up with the works of Abraham Hicks and manifestation. As a kid, she would try to make a candle go out, staring at it and willing it to flicker. Magic’s influence on the way she views her life translates into not only her music, but the way she thrives in her day-to-day life.

 “I believe everything comes from manifestation, my song-writing process is even based on this ability. Music is the tool that has been placed in my life for me to follow my predestined path, through intuition. Trusting in reality gives me the confidence to move forward and be fearless.” Wilbur said.

Georgi Wilbur in Sonya Kagan cuff, necklace and in a Alienant lace suit. Posing with Norma Greenwood. (Photo/Zach Bergen)

As she gains notoriety, Wilbur increasingly feels the expectations of others, but doesn’t give in to them.

“People always want you to be SOMETHING. I’ve received offers to be a major DJ, but I’ve never taken those offers. Record labels often control your image, and the things I wanted to express, specifically the dark emotions, [were] something the deals would stop me from doing.” said Wilbur.

Through patience and consistency, Wilbur received offers that she actually wanted. A factor contributing to her success is her support system. She had to be independent to get the support system she has now. Initially, DJ gigs financed her music, and by becoming better known in the DJ scene, she grew her network. Now, Wilbur has an amazing music supervisor and recently secured an investor for her record label BITCHOUSE.

Wilbur is quickly becoming a fearless force in the New York music industry. She leads an alternative future through BITCHOUSE, creating an honest community through her unbeatable determination. The most impactful lesson to be learned from Wilbur’s journey is if one has a strong sense of purpose, to align oneself with that purpose, and never let go of that magical spark that gives you life.


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